British Model Train Makers

A blue and gold model train

Do you love model trains? If so, you might be looking forward to knowing more about the different model train makers you can see in the market. Various model train makers offer different designs, unique features, and a lot of other specifications to choose from. British model trains are among the most … Read more

Tips for Laying Track for a Model Train

Model railway building showing point motors and track

If you’re new to the hobby of model trains, one of the first things you’ll need to learn is how to lay track. Laying track for a model train is one of the most important things to know when it comes to building a model train. Without the track, you have nowhere … Read more

Understanding Model Train Gauges

Railway modelling. Close-up about model train on the rail tracks.

If you are a model train enthusiast, then you know that there is more to running a train than just putting it on the track. You also need to be aware of the different gauges used in model trains, or else you may find yourself with a locomotive that doesn’t quite fit … Read more

Where are the Best Heritage Railways in the World?

Where are the Best Heritage Railways in the World

Railroads’ advent in the early 19th century massively changed the entire world by providing a safer and faster mode of travel, altering the human perception of time and space, enabling commerce on a vast scale, connecting societies and cultures, and allowing people to see the innate beauty of the world in a … Read more

Ideas for Adding Greenery to your Model Train Layout

Freight train with historic-proof electric locomotive as a model

Having a model train layout is a lot of fun, but part of the enjoyment lies in bringing the whole scenery together. For many model train enthusiasts, having the scenery for the layout is just as important as a decent working condition of the train itself.  When model railroading was still in … Read more

Tips For Using Cement In Model Building

people working with cement for construction

The use of actual models when presenting your concepts for a structure is preferred, especially in the architectural industry. These concrete representations allow you to show off your artistic skills.  Physical models have been a powerful tool for a long time, allowing the audience to see and experience an idea in all … Read more